Back to the Tiger

OK, so that was the under-painting done. So I left it for a few days to have a think about it.

Questions going through my mind were “how can I make it better” basically. I knew the details were to come but I wasn’t happy. Tigers use their colours as camouflage and the difference between the background and the cats colour looked to great to me, it makes him stand out – yes – but is that what I really wanted?

I decided to rework the background. Then, satisfied with that, I started to add more details to the fur and bring things to life, you can see more fur details around the head and neck..

Next I will do some more to the near background and finish off the cat.

Hope you like it so far, still a way to go yet 🙂




About Jason Morgan - wildlife artist
I am UK based professional wildlife artist specializing in big cat and large scale African wildlife paintings. Through my site "" I sell my limited edition prints and original paintings worldwide - I have had an online gallery now for over 12 years, I also have a Learn to paint wildlife teaching site -

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