Nature art on the easel – latest update

Well… as you can see almost all the canvas has now been covered with paint! That means one of the most difficult sections is now over, Once I finish blocking in the remaining water I will start to concentrate on refining the whole painting . Excuse the poor quality photo.

latest update of oil painting

latest update of oil painting


About Jason Morgan - wildlife artist - Oils, pastel pencils and more
I am UK based professional wildlife artist with over 15 years experience in online teaching. I have one of the most popular wildlife art communities - with hundreds of members getting NEW full length painting and drawing videos each month. I also have a popular wildlife teaching site - packed with DVD discs and downloads - You can find me on Facebook here - I specialise in pastel pencils and oil paints, but also work in charcoal, graphite and coloured pencils too.

7 Responses to Nature art on the easel – latest update

  1. lou says:

    all, i can say wow, if only i was able too do this work, you are fantastic. how do you do it , i am from africa.

  2. Jessica says:

    Hello Jason, I am very impressed with your work. Think youself as lucky being able to draw and paint and have the patients to do so. Don’t ever give up, because there are thousands of people like me out there who would love to create such phenominal art work like you. I am very excited with your work, keep it up, well done.

  3. Dawn says:

    Just wanted to say what an inspiration your work is. After a long break from art I’ve recently dusted off the brushes and started again…..and loving every minute.
    Keep up the brilliant work,

  4. Hi Jason,

    Your work is really good and although I’ve never painted wildlife, I sure would like to try one of these days. Afterall it’s a wonderful theme.
    I just sign up your newsletter.

    Take care,


  5. Heather says:

    Jason, I absolutely love your paintings. You put so much life into them, so much detail, I feel like I’m there. I found your blog while searching for artists to give a blog award to, and you are one of them. I’ll be checking to see this painting finished!

  6. sumita says:

    Hi Jason!

    You are a fantastic artist. This painting has so much of movement, it’s amazing!

  7. Cheryl Jones says:

    Hi Jason!
    Well I finished my painting of the chickadee per your instructions, and I must tell you that you have helped me so much! My little bird looks more realistic than any that I have painted in the past-so thank you so much!! I will say that painting the feathers became a tedious process, but so worth it. I am still working on your glaze technique, but I will refine the style as I gain more experience ! Thank you so much once again; and I love your latest painting, Jason.

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