Tiger Painting – the next stage – Jason Morgan

The light in this piece is really what will make the painting, it’s so dramatic and that is what I concentrated on in the stage below. Now I’m starting to work on some basic details and will continue to add them to the left side of the canvas before working over the whole painting again.

Larger images can be viewed on my wildlife art site

tiger art
tiger art



About Jason Morgan - wildlife artist
I am UK based professional wildlife artist specializing in big cat and large scale African wildlife paintings. Through my site "http://www.onlineartdemos.co.uk" I sell my limited edition prints and original paintings worldwide - I have had an online gallery now for over 12 years, I also have a Learn to paint wildlife teaching site - http://www.jasonmorgan.co.uk

4 Responses to Tiger Painting – the next stage – Jason Morgan

  1. Thomas says:

    WOW…Jason your work is a huge inspiration. The way you perfect the image over days and months is just breathtaking.

    This Siberian tiger image is really shaping up well

  2. Chris M says:

    Pure brilliance! I’ll be a regular visitor.

  3. luca says:

    always the perfect colors and lights recall the reflections of the charmers of the wildermess trails where WE come form

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