Thinking of Buying a Print or Original – in USD $? Big Savings NOW!

Well the pound is WEAK and the U S Dollar is strong and it only just occurred to me how much my U.S. collectors would now save buying prints or especially originals (commissions) from me in this current climate.


At the moment prices displayed on my site show UK pounds Sterling, and then an estimate of what it converts to in USD (dollars) I can’t have an exact amount as it constantly fluctuates.


So I went to a currency conversion tool and checked out just what the savings would be, so here’s a quick list, correct at time of writing –

Print Prices

Cost                      Was$             Now$          Saving$

£100                     $200              $142           $58
£150                     $300              $214           $86
£200                     $400              $285           $115
£250                     $500              $357           $143

Here’s an Idea for Original Painting Prices


Cost £                  Was $            Now $        Saving $
£1000                   $2000            $1428         $572
£2000                   $4000            $2856         $1144
£3000                   $6000            $4284         $1716

Those savings for American dollars REALLY surprised me! Not sure what the currency is like in other countries at the moment, but you can try looking for yourself by using this currecy converter.


So I guess, what I am saying is – “if you are thinking of buying a print or commissioning me in the future, then nows a good time to save a lot of money”.

Wildlife Art Studies for Collectors

I thoroughly enjoyed creating my latest Cape Buffalo studies, and from the emails I have received, lots of my visitors enjoyed them too.

When my gorilla painting has dried I have plans to do quite a few more studies, they could be anything at the moment, but elephants and Hippo are currently foremost in my mind – so if anyone is interested in those studies please just drop me an email – Paintings and studies can be reserved for collectors with no commitment to purchase.

Learning to Paint – What do the usual books miss out?

Thanks to all the replies from a previous post about my future e-books and instructions, there were some excellent ideas.

But to make the books even better, I thought we could approach the subject from a different angle – What do the current range of books etc leave out – what’s missing???

I think I have mentioned that I will be starting off with a beginners e-book, that will cover absolutely all the basics in simple terms, from going out and buying your art materials to doing your 1st couple of paintings, but there will also be novice and advanced e-books in the pipeline – these will cover wildlife more specifically.

Any animals you would like to see specifically covered in detail?

Gorilla Oil Painting – 3/4 finished!

I’ve continued to add more detail around the canvas – bringing the gorilla painting that bit closer to completion. The image shows the mid fur layers – when this is dry I will start to add the final detail s to the fur – plus I have then got to detail the face and work on the whole chest and abdomen area.

Want to Learn to Oil Paint?

Well… most of you know that I have sold my Learrn to Paint Wildlife in Oils Ebook / CD for a few years now  – and due to it’s success and the fact that I love to teach, I’m going to do a whole new series of e-books, but here’s the crunch!

For me to make them as good as possible I will need some help from you! yes You! I want as much feedback as possible from everyone letting me know what they would like to see covered in my lessons – the series will cover all levels from beginners who have never even picked up a brush, to my current level – as you know if you have already bought my current ebook, I don’t keep secrets, I share all the painting knowledge I have willingly 🙂

So whatever your current painting level, drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.

Gorilla Art – Starting the Detail Stage (wildlife art)

Now the underpainting has fully dried I have started to begin the detail stage, once the details are all in I will begin adjusting tones and hues with glazes. Appologies for the less than perfect photo below.

Cape Buffalo Paintings (studies) Finished

Just put the final touches to my Cape Buffalo studies, hope you like them. They are for sale, either as a whole – ie all three paintings on one board, or individually. Anyone interested just drop me an email for more details.



Another Cape Buffalo Study – Mean Guy!

I’ve continued to paint another Cape Buffalo study (see more on my site – Art Studies)whilst the gorilla painting is drying, this one I loved – it looks real mean. Although most people think Cape Buffalo are grey they really are anything but, when you really look close. I will add two more buffalo under these two, this time they will be in their natural surrounding, walking through marsh – where they are most at home – I thought it would be a nice change to the dryness of the vegetation in the top two studies.

The studies will be for sale if any collectors are interested.

Cape Buffalo Study – Oil on canvas

Gorilla Fine Art – Underpainting Completed

Well as the heading says the underpainting has now been completed – now the real fun begins – the details and bringing this buy guy to life 🙂 You can see more step by steps of the gorilla painting on my wildlife art site

Gorilla – Starting Oil Painting

Hi everyone – happy new year!

As you can see from the latest update I have now started to go over the acrylic underpainting with oil paints. This is only the blocking in stage, so as usual I will go over everything with a few layers of oils, increasing the details and adjusting colours with each new layer.

As usual you can see more update photos on my wildlife art site.