Lion Oil Painting – Latest Update

Here’s the latest update of the Lion painting, almost all o fthe blocking in is now completed, fine tuning and details come next 🙂 Remember you can see more updates etc on my site wildlife art gallery


Western Lowland Gorilla – My Latest Print

Now available direct from my online gallery is the Western Lowland Silverback that was featured on my site and this blog a short while ago.

Here’s a quick reminder photo

The print is now available from my gallery here


Gorilla Print

Lion Painting – Update

More basic blocking in of the body – now you can really get a feeling for the bright light coming across the body. Next I will start to work on the remaining unpainted areas of the body, which will show another change in the light – hope your all enjoying it so far 🙂


Wildlife Reference Photos – Royalty FREE


Buy wildlife reference photos volumes 1 + 2 and make a great price saving!


wildlife reference photos
wildlife reference photos


Just released 2011

British wildlife reference photos!





All the inspiration you need to paint from for YEARS!

I’ve had this project in my mind for a few months now, and finally after ages scanning, selecting images etc it has finally come to fruition!

Amateur Artists in Particular can Find it hard to source Free to use (Royalty Free) Photos for their projects.

So I came up with the idea of putting 100 of my own photos on a CD so others could paint from them WITHOUT the expense of going to Africa and other places around the world!

This is just 6 of the 100 you will get on the CD

JUST 17 pence (approx $0.28) PER IMAGE!!!

Hope everyone thinks it’s a good idea!!! 🙂

wildlife reference photos - royalty free

Brand New Lion Painting on the Easel

I’ve just started to paint this magnificent African lion. The photo below shows the very 1st stage – drawing the Lion on the canvas. I also toned the canvas with Burnt Sienna, just to eliminate the stark whiteness.


I always like to have company when I paint, so more often than not, I block in the eyes 1st. Here I have also continued with the face a little, just blocking in very basic tones.

Hope you like him so far 😉

african lion

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