Poll Results – Strange but TRUE!!!

Well thanks everyone for completing my latest poll, I would NEVER have predicted that result, would you? – Basically none of you (that answered the poll) are real beginners, but there is an almost complete 50 / 50 of advanced and novice artists!

I have a feeling that the beginners just haven’t taken the poll, but rushed off to search for more blogs and sites with tutorials instead? Not sure, I could be wrong.

So with those results it looks like I should spend less time posting about the very basics of painting and more time concentrating on things like composition etc.

But what I think you want to see is probably going to be different than what you REALLY want to see. So rather than give you all the time consuming hassle of emailing me (please email if you want though) here’s a list of common things you might want to see more of – just select which best fits you and then the next Blog post I write can cover those areas in more depth – Sound like a fair exchange 🙂  ?


About Jason Morgan - wildlife artist
I am UK based professional wildlife artist specializing in big cat and large scale African wildlife paintings. Through my site "http://www.onlineartdemos.co.uk" I sell my limited edition prints and original paintings worldwide - I have had an online gallery now for over 12 years, I also have a Learn to paint wildlife teaching site - http://www.jasonmorgan.co.uk

2 Responses to Poll Results – Strange but TRUE!!!

  1. Thomas says:

    Interesting blog! Great to see someone teaching something, amongst the usual “lots of things for sale” type blogs!

    Have you seen tigers in the wild? I did several safaris into Ranthambore a few years ago, which was amazing . . . I was about 4 meters from a wild tiger eating a sambur at one point! A few of my (not great!) photos from that are on my site (There’s a blog post on that trip).

    Also, a quick comment on where to find reference photos . . . I’ve included a link to someone who sells specific wildlife art reference photos on my page . . .


    plus I mention photo libraries.

    I have recently started a wildlife art blog, also on the same site as above . . . I’d be interested in any comments of course,

    all the best


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