Tiger Painting – latest update (wildlife art)

At this stage I have finished blocking in the very basic colours and form with acrylic paint – next comes the exciting part, brining this tiger to life with oils 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying this tutorial so far and staying tuned for more.


New Tiger Painting (Commission) – work in progress

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a quick glimpse at my latest commission a magnificent Siberian Tiger in very dramatic lighting.

The 1st photo shows the initial drawing on the canvas


The 2nd photo shows that I have applied a quick burnt sienna, acrylic wash over the drawing, wiping out the highlights with some tissue whilst the wash was still wet.


The 3rd photo shows the very start of the acrylic underpainting. As this painting will have such a contrast between the both sides of the painting I wanted a good underpainting to work from – hence the acrylics


New Painting Just Started! – Siberian Tiger

I’ve just started my latest commission – a huge tiger portrait with real dramatic lighting

Here’s the initial drawng on canvas – many more step by steps to come real soon


Would you like to buy me a Coffee?

The blog has been free for quite a few years now, as has most of the tutorial sections on my Learn to Paint Site – and I wouldn’t have it any other way – I love to teach, always have.

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Lion – Limited Edition Now Released

Just a quick update to my blog……..

The African Lion print has now been quality approved by myself, so it’s now available as a limited edition Canvas and Fine art paper print.

Please visit the prints section of my site to place an order for your print 🙂

lion small

Latest Print coming Soon – Giraffe!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update – the Giraffe original has now been finished!

I have decided to release this painting as a Limited Edition on canvas and fine art papers, both printed to my usual museum quality / luxury – I will release it in the prints section of my gallery site soon, if you would like to reserve a print please just email me.

giraffe small