My Wildlife Art Plans for 2010

I know just about everyone has a New Years Resolution, and many fail within the first week or weeks of the New Year, but it has been proven that by actually writing out your resolutions,  you have a much higher chance of sticking to them long-term. So for this post I’m going to list a few of my plans for 2010, basically telling you what you can expect from me in the coming 12 months and beyond.

Well my first real change for this year will be a dramatic reduction in the number of commissions I will be accepting in 2010. I know many artists might have found that they have had a lot less commission requests during the recession, but even during the last year I have really never had enough time to persue artistic avenues that I have been thinking of for ages. So this year is my time 🙂 well almost all my time ha… I’ll be selecting the commissions that get my creative juices flowing in the next month or so, so if you are thinking of commissioning me to paint something this year please drop me an email ASAP so I can fit you into my long-term schedule 🙂

So what will I be painting??? Well I’m not 100% sure yet, but I do want to take this time to REALLY push my boundaries, surely it is only then that one can grow as an artist. So I will be painting large! Larger than I have before, making the big game of Africa even more imposing and dramatic, and I will also be painting much smaller than I have ever done, just because an elephant is huge it doesn’t mean that every painting of an elephant has to be on a huge canvas. I will challenge myself to create the larger than life look on small canvases too 🙂

I also have plans to paint the TRUE Africa, not just the pretty / romantic scenes, but also real life, kill scenes and more, not that I want to be gory but it really is how these animals survive and live each day.

I’m also going to start production of my 1st DVD fairly soon. Hopefully it will be of a good production quality (I’m going to be spending quite a sum of money to make this come to life) but my main goal is going to be to pass on as many tips as possible, just like in my ebooks, but this time I will be able to show you my actual brush strokes as they happen.

I hope you take some time to write your resolutions for the coming year down too.


About Jason Morgan - wildlife artist - Oils, pastel pencils and more
I am UK based professional wildlife artist with over 15 years experience in online teaching. I have one of the most popular wildlife art communities - with hundreds of members getting NEW full length painting and drawing videos each month. I also have a popular wildlife teaching site - packed with DVD discs and downloads - You can find me on Facebook here - I specialise in pastel pencils and oil paints, but also work in charcoal, graphite and coloured pencils too.

8 Responses to My Wildlife Art Plans for 2010

  1. Peter Brown says:

    Good luck for 2010 Jason. I hope to see all your plans come to fruition. Of course, now that you’ve broadcast them, we’ll be holding you to your promises – perhaps you’ll need reminding of them from time to time!

  2. Evan Islam says:

    Hey man… I somehow landed on your web site and I must say that I’m very impressed with your work.

    I love your tiger drawings… so realistic… keep it up 🙂

    I’ll be keeping an eye out on your site from now.

  3. Sabry says:

    Hi Jason!
    i wish you a wonderful 2010!
    I’ll wait for your dvd!!! Thank you!
    Kiss from Italy

  4. Laura Barber-Riley says:

    I think it is fantastic that you are making the time to concentrate on your own work Jason and I really look forward to seeing it!

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