Lion Painting – The Final Stretch

Some of the final details on my Lion painting have now been finished, with a few colour adjustments too.

Plus there is never meat without flies, so just for added reality I put some of those in too.

Hope your enjoying seeing this piece come together



New Oil Painting Ebook – Still Working on It!

Just a very quick update for all of you that are waiting patiently for my new oil painting ebook.

It’s still being completed as I am adding even more content than I originally planned. It started off as a complete beginners guide to oil painting, basically walking the beginner through everything from which paints to purchase, canvas types to color mixing etc I wanted to take all the stigma and fear out of oil painting, but it grew and grew and now contains things like composition and so much more!

So please bear with me – it wont be long now and I’m sure you will think it was worth the wait 🙂

Lion Painting – Final Stages – wildlife Art

I havent had a great deal of time to work on this painting, but things are certainly starting to take shape. Now all of the canvas has been covered with at least 1 layer of paint, I can start to work on the painting as a whole,jumping from one area to another, touching up where I see fit – hopefully 🙂

What’s an Ebook – My Painting Ebooks

What is an ebook?

Every few days I receive emails from people interested in buying my painting tutorials, but some  are confused as to what ebooks actually are. So I thought for this blog post I would just clear up any confusion.

Ebooks are Electronic Books, and that means that they are not printed out on paper as per standard books, but instead you actually read them on your own computer.

When you have purchased a learn to paint ebook from me you are automatically sent (via email) a link which takes you to the ebook file, you then VERY SIMPLY just download the file and it’s right there on your computer for you to enjoy anytime (You don’t need to be online to read them).

All you then do is double-click that file and your ebook opens up.

You will see that the ebook looks just like a normal book or magazine with photographs, text etc and you just click through the pages instead of turning them by hand. The beauty of ebooks is that you get it right away, no waiting for delivery, it’s better for the environment as there is no printed paper, but if for any reason you did want to print something out from it then you can very easily print anything from an individual page to the whole book .

All the above also means that my costs can be kept to a real minimum, which means I can keep the retail price low too.

Hope this clears everything about my learn to paint ebooks up.

The books below are now available 🙂

Something Different from me- Coastal Photographs (Three Cliffs Bay – Swansea)

We are currently enjoying some fantastic weather in Wales (for a change), so I took some time away from the studion to visit Three Cliffs Bay, on the Gower coast, approx 1 1/2 hrs from my home.

Here are just 3 ot the 50 or so photos I took that day.

Another Update to my Oil Painting – Wildlife Art

Another Update to my Oil Painting – (Wildlife Art)

The foreground grasses are underpaint at the moment, I will now layer on top of this when dry

lion painting - wildlife art

Adding more details to the Lion Painting – Wildlife Art

I have been adding more details to the Lion painting, and also getting the colours more realistic. Now that is done I can begin to lay in the foreground grasses and also some thicker paint.

Learning to paint with oils – demo, painting eyes

I get asked a lot about painting eyes and making them look realistic, so here is a copy of an article I did for my oil painting tutorial site  – hope you find it of use.

For the purpose of this exercise I have used the eye of a lion, with their rich colour it is easier to see the effects light has upon them but the principles outlined here apply to almost all eyes. You must remember that the shape of the eye will dictate how the light reacts, therefore a fishes eye (usually flat) will react very differently from say a human eye.

OK lets take a look at the Lions eye in some detail. Here I have labelled the most important parts.
A- General colour of the iris.
B- Strongest highlight – sun.
C- Where the sun shines through the eye
D- Shadow area

The brightness of the day obviously dictates how prominent the above effects are. In the example above it’s a bright sunny day. For me the most important part of the eye, which many people forget is not just the way the sun hits the eye causing the brightest highlight (B) but how it then travels through the glassy part of the eye, brightening and enriching the opposite portion of the iris (C).

This photo (below) still shows the above effects but they are more subdued due to the sun being not as bright or possibly the Lion if facing away from the sun.

To paint the eye in oils I would usually paint all of it with the eyes base colour i.e. no highlight and no shadow effects. Then with that layer still wet I would darken the shadow area and gently add a suggestion of the reflected highlight at the bottom of the eye- I would usually not even bother with the bright highlight (B) yet.

When that layer has dried I would go back in glazing and enriching the colour where necessary and increasing the shadow intensity. Then when that layer is dry, I would gently put in the subtle blue highlight at the top of the eye (reflection of the sky) then lastly dab on the brightest highlight (if there is one).

There are many ways of painting the eye, I could have for instance painted it entirely with glazes, but no matter what techniques you use if you carefully observe the way the light plays in the eye you will end up with a realistic eye, which usually becomes the centre of interest in the painting.

I really hope you have enjoyed this short demo
To learn much more please check out my tutorial CD / E-book

Lion painting – some things work, some don’t

I tried to paint in the tip of the lion’s tail, as per the burnt sienna underpainting, but as it was a dark tail, against a light green background it just stood out like a sore thumb! grabbing all the attention, so I just wiped it back off. It seemed like a good idea in principle, but you always have to be ready to make changes during a painting. 🙂

Lion Painting – wildlife art continued

I’ve started to add some more realism to the colours now, probably 2 to 3 more layers required to bring the current areas to completion. I can then start laying in the foreground grasses with thick paint. This should give it a nice 3d feel.

lion art