Tiger painting update

I wanted to get some quick colour on my canvas just so that I could judge my oils by something, so I decided to paint the eyes with acrylics

New Tiger Painting – for sale

Hi everyone,

Well the Croc I’ve just started is real different for me, but this one which I’m doing at the same time is much more typical – ie back to fur.

It’s going to be oil on canvas, 26in x 16in

This 1st photo shows the acrylic underpainting, just burnt sienna and a bit of white in just a few places, it’s my usual map – next comes the oils 🙂

This painting is currently for sale email jason@onlineartdemos.co.uk

Crocodile Painting – new on my easel

Hi everyone,

I thought I would post the painting I have just put up on my easel. It’s a Nile Crocodile, so something very different for me.

It’s also quite large 36in x 20in, oil on canvas.

The 1st stage shows the drawing sealed with a thin acrylic wash.

The 2nd photo shows the 2nd layer of acrylic paint (Burnt Sienna) just to add some darks.

Next I’ll start with the oil paints

Crocodile Painting

Made a start cutting the canvas to size etc, this one is going to be a lot bigger than I was expecting! my 6 year old son is real impressed ha…..

I’ll have some photos for you all soon

Learn to Paint Color Course – MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

Learn about color Videos!

I’ve got some pretty exciting news for all you artists out there.

As you know by now, in all the years I have been sending out my free newsletters and blog I have NEVER promoted anyone’s products excluding my own ha… 🙂

The reason for that is pretty simple; I’ve NEVER been 100% happy with other peoples products. It’s why I write my own ebooks.

Well that was until my good mate Richard produced his own course on “Mastering Color” . I’ve known Richard for a few years and he’s as meticulous as I am, so I knew this was going to be something special – and I believe it really is.

I ran through the course from start to finish myself, and even after all my years painting I still learnt some new things.

This Video course is just brilliant for beginners to advanced.

Well I’ll leave the details up to Richard to explain, so to learn more just click on the photo below or the link. It really is something everyone struggling with color or wanting to learn more about it should see.


color course

More details on this link

New Original Oil Paintings Coming soon to my easel

I’ve got some exciting news!

I’m just about to start some new original paintings.

1st one up will be an African wild dog commission, this one is particularly exciting as the dogs will be in water!

Then I have a huge Nile Croc painting, which is a species I have wanted to tackle (not literally. ha..) for a few years, so now’s my chance! and at the same time I will be starting a brand new tiger painting, this one will possibly my largest painting to date, so please stay tuned to see the paintings develop both here and on my wildlife art gallery website.