Painting Fur – part two – wildlife art

Update 13th May 2013

I have just released my brand new painting ebook – How to Paint Fur

Its full of EVERYTHING you need to know to be able to confidently Paint Fur today!

Full detail s on my advanced fur painting techniques site or click the photo below


advanced fur painting techniques

advanced fur painting techniques

Hi everyone,
The question I get asked more than any other by beginners is “How to paint thin lines for fur etc”.

So I thought it might be of use to post a page from my wildlife art ebooks here, just to explain how I get around the problem.

Where I find most beginners go wrong is that they immediately think that to paint fine lines they need to either use a very small brush, or something like a rigger and they also think they will need to thin the paint down with medium almost to a water consistency.

Both these ways have dissadvantages though (IMHO).

By using a tiny brush you will only get 1 or 2 strokes before you will need to load up the brush again, and when you consider how many hairs need to be painted on the usual wildlife painting, that is going to be a problem – big time.

By thinning the paint down lots with medium the paint become transparent or semi transparent, which usually means that the paint hardly shows up etc.

So I have found over the years, that it is usually better to keep the paint nice and thick, use a fairly large brush, and load it by dragging 1st one side, then the other through the paint to make a chissled edge, then wet the painting surface with a tiny amount of medium (I’m using Alkyd Walnut medium at the moment). In fact It’s probably easier for you to see in the pics below

Don’t get me wrong, I also use a rigger, but that is usually reserved for the final hair details or for very long fur strokes.

Hope some find this of use.


how to paint furhow to paint fur




About Jason Morgan - wildlife artist - Oils, pastel pencils and more
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