New ebook SOON!

Sorry everyone – I just didn’t manage to finish the new ebook today – hopefully it will be available VERY SOON!

Here is a list of contents though 🙂

Work area, easels,painting outdoors, painting surfaces, canvas boards, canvas,

Paints, the EXACT ones I use


Painting Mediums

Acrylic paints

Brushes / Palettes

a short list of things a beginner needs

Preparing things like MDF, canvas etc

Transferring the drawing to the canvas

How to seal the drawing to stop it rubbing off

Toning the canvas

Simplifying the subject

Blur and squint

Colour basics

learning to see colour

becoming a colour detective

Lightening a colour

Darkening a colour

Graying a colour

matching a colour

mixing paints to match specific colours and objects – colour mixing exercises

Learning to hold a brush and apply paint – scrubbing in

Painting detail

Blocking in

How to blend edges

Painting a simple shape – exercise

Painting trees

Cleaning your equipment

How to glaze

Rule of 1/3rds

Centre of interest

Brighter / different colours

Hard Edges / Details

Contrast / Tone

Creating recession

Eyes of the subject

Adding a person

Leading lines

Giving a subject room to move into

Kissing elements

What NOT to put in, mistakes and pit falls

How I varnish my paintings

Framing a finished painting

Blurring reference images

Computer composition / magnetic lasso

Finding and checking difficult colours

Adjusting levels – tone / contrast

Sharpening photos

Removing cage bars on photos

Painting a horse

Painting a seascape

Painting Lion cubs

Painting a Mill scene

Cat Demo – Glazing

A list of resources


About Jason Morgan - wildlife artist
I am UK based professional wildlife artist specializing in big cat and large scale African wildlife paintings. Through my site "" I sell my limited edition prints and original paintings worldwide - I have had an online gallery now for over 12 years, I also have a Learn to paint wildlife teaching site -

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