Tiger painting video – stage 2

Stage 2 of my Tiger painting video is now ready to view. Hope you are all enjoying the progress.

Next Tiger Portrait in progress

Here is an update of the 2nd Tiger portrait, just a couple of hours work gone in to him so far – hope you like him 🙂

Tiger Painting Art Video – Speed Painting

Hi everyone,

I have been playing with my HD video recorder and recorded the beginning stages of my latest Tiger oil painting, hope you like it so far.

It is not meant as an instructional aid, but just to show you the process – for now, stay tuned for much bigger developments.

I would be VERY interested to hear any comments or suggestions, remember this blog is here for you to use 🙂


The completed Lion Painting – For Sale

Hi everyone,

This is the finished oil painting. Hope you have all enjoyed watching this one come to life.

If you are interested in purchasing the original or prints just drop me an email ( jason@onlineartdemos.co.uk )

Next up, 2 medium sized Tiger portraits and then 2 VERY special Tiger paintings, I won’t spoil the surprise but they will be very different 🙂

lion painting for sale

oil on stretched canvas

Learning to match / paint a specific color

The one thing beginner and novice artists seem to have trouble with more than anything else is painting or matching a color they see. Whether the color is from a reference photo, or a scene you are looking at you will need to have a basic understanding of color and color mixing before you can even begin to get close to mixing it in paint.

Now although many books over complicate matters for the beginner, many others over simplify things too much by giving the beginner / novice artist paint mixes/recipes, for example they say things like – mix a certain amount of Ultra Marine Blue with a certain amount of Winsor yellow and you will get grass green. Now that may be true, for that particular type of grass, but what will the beginner / novice do when faced with a grass in a different light or any other subject that differs from the paint mix? Basically they are stuck.

By following paint mixes you are basically following a recipe, your doing a paint by numbers and NOT learning how to paint at all.

What you need to do to really LEARN to mix a required color is follow a series of simple logical steps, by asking yourself questions to evaluate the color you are seeing. In my latest ebook “oil painting made easy” I have covered lots of different aspects of color mixing – including learning to see color, lightening / darkening a color, greying a color etc etc etc but more importantly I show you step by step exactly the questions I ask myself when I am mixing a certain color, I show you my thought process. By learning this along with some color mixing basics you can then mix a color to match any subject nomatter where or what it is – you are REALLY learning to paint.

Below is a very brief example taken from my ebook “oil painting made easy” and although the ebook was written mainly with oil painters in mind MANY of the principles apply to all painting mediums – hope you find this example of use

Click the photos for larger views (images much larger in ebook)

matching a color

BRAND NEW EBOOK “Oil Painting Made Easy” – Available Now!

learn to paint

Lion Painting – First full layer of details

Well I have added more details to the Lion and I think just another 2-3 sessions and I will call him done 🙂

lion painting fine art

Lion Painting – adding the details

I have added quite a few details to the face and will be working on the mouth area next 🙂

After that I will begin to glaze + refine the colors more.

lion art

Tiger Painting 1 – Update – Beginning the oil layers

As I am waiting for the Lion to dry I thought it would be nice to make a start on the 1st of my Tiger portraits.

I have painted in a background (it will be added to later) and also began the eyes.

Notice that I have allowed the background to overlay the Tiger quite a bit. The reason for this is that with subsequent layers I will paint the Tiger OVER the background, this will avoid the cut out look you see on many amateur paintings.

Hope you like it 🙂

tiger painting

Latest development of the Lion painting.

Here’s another quick update for you all all very rough around the muzzle area yet though


lion art painting