Wildlife Painting Videos – what do you want?

It was clear from my 1st poll that most want a video covering advanced wildlife painting techniques, with a video on beginner / novice techniques a close 2nd.

So just to tie up any loose ends I would really like you to vote on my new poll so that I can see even more specifically the areas most are interested in.

It only takes about 10 seconds and it will make a difference to what I create 🙂

Tiger painting getting closer to completion :)

Tiger painting getting closer to completion 🙂

So glad you all like it so far.

Why did I do the orange (burnt sienna) layer underneath? Just to get rid of the stark white canvas really 🙂

Here is another update. Not much to do now 🙂

Sorry the photo is Poor, lots of bounced light happening 😦


What do you want??? Tell me now.

Well the title of this post pretty much says it all. I’d love to know what all my visitors want, what they really, really want (as the spice girls used to say – … not that I am a big fan or anything!  🙂 ha……

As a professional artist I am always looking for different avenues and directions to follow, to not only push my art further, but to also expand my other passion of teaching people to paint.

But the only way I can find out what you would be interested in me teaching is if you tell me, it’s the reason I have had this blog for years after all.

So…..PLEASE take a moment to take my poll, or email me with a specific idea, and I will try to cover your topic.

It will only take seconds to complete after-all.

Brand New Reference CD out Today – Flowers

If you want to paint Flowers but you haven’t got good enough reference photos

Here’s the Solution!!!

MY 100 Royalty Free Photos are FREE for you to use in your paintings and art projects.

Paint from them and sell your paintings with NO copyright worries!!!

Click photos for full details

flower reference photo cd

Just a few examples

flower photos

Tiger in Moonlight, grasses and stripes

More refinement at this stage, plus the addition of some grasses (just the darks for now – lighter grasses and back-lit grasses later).

tiger painting

Tiger Painted in Moonlight 2

Here is another update, this time showing the blocking in of the nighttime colours (oil on canvas).


The photo below shows the blocking in of the Tiger. Notice that I haven’t painted any stripes yet.

Also most of the rear of the Tiger will be covered by grasses etc so I haven’t bothered to finish the tail.

Painting a Tiger in Moonlight

This latest painting is going to be very different for me, a real challenge. I plan to use reference photos that were taken in full daylight and use them to paint a scene in moonlight.

It’s not easy as all colours behave differently in moonlight, some retain some of their true colour others do not, so it is not as easy as painting everything blue.

Here is the 1st stage – Burnt Sienna underpainting.

Tiger – more details painted

Just thought I would post another photo showing the final details going in to the Tiger portrait


tiger oil portrait

Tiger Painting Continued – Painting the fur details

Here’s a quick update showing you the progress on the Tiger painting. As you can see I have added a lot more details and also more realistic colours. I will glaze here and there when this layer is dry (24 hrs) to add more punch and also more realism, then I will put in the finishing touches like Whiskers etc.

tiger painting fur details

Tiger Portrait 2 – Completing the underpainting

Here is a photo of my 2nd Tiger painting. I have completed the underpainting and also begun to add some details in various places.

Hope you like him so far 🙂

Tiger painting