Zebra and Foal Original Painting for sale on eBay now.

Just put in the finishing touches on my Zebra and Foal Original Painting, it is for sale on eBay now.

view the live auction now

zebra and foal original painting ebay


14 x 9in oil on canvas

zebra painting ebay

Zebra Original Painting on my easel

I am still working on my Zebra / Foal painting, here is the 2nd painting session.


zebra painting for sale

Still a lot to do though. Hope to have it for sale within the week

Snow Leopard Cub Painting For Sale – Just a few hours left – reserve exceeded

Hi everyone,

just tipping you all off that the snow leopard cub original painting has just a couple of hours remaining on the auction. The reserve has been met so the painting will be sold at the end of the auction.

If you would like to own a one off original at a fantastic price now is your chance :o)

More prints and original paintings can be found on my gallery site and smaller prints / paintings on my wildlife art on ebay auction site


New Painting coming soon – Zebra and Foal

Just started working on my latest painting – Zebra and Foal.

Here are a few photos to show you the stage I am at right now. The Zebra have been painted as if they were just white horses and now the stripes will be painted on top.

The reflections have just had a very basic under-painting just to show where the various elements will live.


how to paint zebra

zebra drawing

Brand New Snow Leopard Cub “Daydreamer” on eBay now

By now most of my collectors know that I have a great love for Snow Leopards, so it will come as no surprise that I just had to paint this beautiful cub.

We can only wonder what it is thinking as it sleepily gazes in to the distance.

It really does beggar belief that these cats are on the brink of extinction in the wild!

You can see the snow leopard cub painting for sale on eBay by clicking the photo below



12 x 8in

Grizzly Bear Original Painting for sale on eBay

Just finished this small Grizzly Bear Painting entitled “Gone Fishing”

Hope you all like it, its 10 x 8in, oil on canvas and you can bid on it on ebay right now. The reserve is very low.

grizzly bear painting ebay

Snow Leopard Cub – Original Painting on eBay Auction NOW!

Just finished this new snow leopard cub painting – its oil on canvas as per usual – hope you all like it.

You can bid on it on eBay auction right now! 10 April 2012

UPDATE 16 APRIL 2012 –



snow leopard cub painting on ebay

12 x 10in
oil on canvas

Snow Leopard Cub Painting

Here is the latest original snow leopard painting I have been working on. Still some more things to do before I call it finished, but it should be completed tomorrow.

Its 12 x 10in and will be on sale on eBay auction in the next day or so – hope you like it so far


Elephant painting for sale on eBay now – no reserve price!

Elephant painting for sale on eBay now – no reserve price! – click images for more detail sand to view the elephant painting auction on ebay


Tiger Painting on eBay – NO RESERVE!

I’m taking a chance on this painting – its on eBay auction – NO RESERVE, so you might get it at a VERY low price.


Tiger Painting / Ebay – auction link here