Wolf Painting – for sale on eBay now

Just listed my latest wolf painting on eBay auction right now – hope you all like it

wolf painting

Leopard Cub Painting – work in progress wip

I have just started the little leopard cub oil painting below, still at the very early stages but I thought it might be of interest for some to see how it develops.

The painting will soon be for sale on ebay auction.

leopard cub painting

leopard cub painting

8 x 10in
oil on canvas

Mountain Lion Painting for sale – ebay

Less than 24 hours to go on my original mountain lion / cougar painting

you can visit the auction here

cougar painting

Mountain Lion, Cougar Painting for sale on eBay auction NOW!

Just finished it 🙂 it took another 1 1/2 hrs, so not bad 🙂

I do hope you like how it turned out, it’s a very simple composition and painting and as it used pretty much all opaque colours so it came along real fast too 🙂


The mountain lion painting is now for sale on eBay auction!

cougar painting for sale


how to paint a mountain lion