How to Paint Animal Eyes video DVD discs out now!

How to paint animal eyes is released on DVD discs today

Have you always struggled to paint realistic eyes?
Or do you want to improve your techniques even further?

If so my NEW “Painting Eyes Master Class” is for you!

With almost 3 hours worth of Video it covers everything
I could think of about paint eyes


Plays on all dvd players.

Ships all over the world airmail.

See the preview below

Full details on my website – HERE

Learn How to Paint Animal Eyes Video – Coming SOON!

I am currently working on a brand new masterclass video – Learn How to Paint Animal Eyes

It should be available soon (Mid / End – March 2014)

Coming SOON to my site – How To Paint Wildlife Art

Here are a couple of clips –

how to paint eyes

how to paint eyes




Wildlife Art Video – Extended preview

I have these new extended version previews of my latest wildlife art painting videos on YouTube now 🙂

Hope you all like them

Glazing techniques in oils – Video (fur painting – wildlife art)

A lot of artists struggle with glazing, so in this video I cover the basics of glazing, as I walk you step by step through transparent / non transparent paints, glazing medium and also applying glazes to create a realistic fur texture

Glazing in oil paint technique video

glazing in oils

glazing in oils