How to store and protect pastels


So what do you do with your pastel drawings after you finish them? perhaps you have too many to frame?

in this video I show you how to easily pack and store your pastels with my simple and cheap method.


Pastel Drawing, Oil Painting, Graphite, Tutorial Videos

Are you looking for art tutorial videos, pastel drawing / painting, oil painting, graphite and more? then check out my YouTube wildlife art channel and also my websites and patreon art channel.

Have have LOTS of tips and art techniques to share with you all.

Pastels Fixatives

Do you wonder how to protect pastel drawings and paintings when they are finished? do pastel fixatives make pastels darker or alter their colour ? find out in this in-depth video

Painting a Tiger in Oils video

check out my new short YouTube video “Painting a Tiger in Oils” this is a short version of my 4 hr 30 min video on my wildlife art website


Pastel Fixative – spray test – what works – stop pastels smudging

Lots have opinions on the topic of Pastel fixatives – and lots of beginners get confused – so hope this video helps.

I know many like a certain brand of fixative and say how it never alters tones etc but I have now spent close to £80+ on different fixatives people have recommended (i dont show them all) and when I test them almost all are terrible.

So I wont be trying anymore unless people can show them actually working as they should in a test like mine – hope this helps people out – there is 1 good product amongst them 😉

could this be the solution to stop pastels smudging?