Lots of new pastel videos – how to create a blurred background in pastel

I have LOTS of new pastel and oil videos on m YouTube channel


This is the latest

how to create a blurred / Bokeh pastel background

Paint a dramatic bird of prey using oil paints

In this short lesson I show you how i use a layering technique to paint a dramatic bird of prey using oil paints

full video on my Patreon wildlife art channelwww.patreon.com/wildlifeart

Pastel Pet Portrait. PanPastel Tutorial

In this Pastel Pet Portrait demo i show you how i use PanPastel colours to create a quick and easy underpainting.


Detailed Grasses / Landscape with pastels

this is a preview of my long video on my Patreon art channel.

If you want to learn how to draw / paint detailed grass in pastels then this video is for you 🙂

Drawing a Human eye using pastels

in this video series I show you how to draw a realistic human eye using pastels – both soft (Panpastels etc) and also pastel pencils.

unfortunately I lost a lot of video footage in the middle of the sequence.

Drawing wildlife with Colored Pencils – Jason Morgan

Drawing wildlife with Colored Pencils – Jason Morgan


composition for artists

Composition – In this video I let you in to my thought process as I pick and change my reference photos to make what I think is the most interesting composition for this Gorilla and baby painting.
The process will now continue on my patreon channel as I paint this scene in oils, with plenty of instruction in how I paint the fur as well.

video series is available on my patreon art channel here – https://www.patreon.com/wildlifeart
Lots more art videos on my –
art site – http://www.jasonmorgan.co.uk/

Drawing details with pastels

do you struggle to draw details in pastels? this short clip from my 3hr pastel video available now on my patreon art channel gives you some great pastel tips

Pastel Drawing, Oil Painting, Graphite, Tutorial Videos

Are you looking for art tutorial videos, pastel drawing / painting, oil painting, graphite and more? then check out my YouTube wildlife art channel and also my websites and patreon art channel.

Have have LOTS of tips and art techniques to share with you all.

Pastels Fixatives

Do you wonder how to protect pastel drawings and paintings when they are finished? do pastel fixatives make pastels darker or alter their colour ? find out in this in-depth video