New Wildlife Art “On my Easel” Ebook OUT NOW!!!

Well at along last I have finished the brand new wildlife art ebook!

As mentioned Previously there are over 150 photos showing my paintings at various stages.

See much more on my website


The New Wildlife Art Ebook “On my Easel” ALMOST READY!

Well as the title of this post says, the BRAND NEW ebook is almost ready, I think it will be online and ready to purchase in about 2 days!

Needless to say I have been working VERY hard on it!

This ebook started off as an idea of putting almost all of the demos I have done on my tutorial site / blogs / forum posts etc the last 8 + years,  in one easy to read place as I thought it would be a great instructional tool and resource for wildlife artists and would be wildlife and animal artists, who wanted to see the stages I went through to take a painting from start to completion.

Sounded simple enough to me at the time, but when I began to gather all my demos, photos, text etc  it became plainly obvious that this project was going to turn out to be MUCH larger than I expected. Which is great for the artists reading it, but not so great for me compiling it. ha…….

It got so large in fact that I have even had to split it up in to 2 Volumes!!!

Each volume will have approx 150+ photos showing my painting at various stages! and lots of text and description to go with them.

Anyone familiar with me and my work will know I can get a bit obsessive with details. Ha… so as you can imagine I have also updated most of the text that went with the demos, expanding on it a great deal, and also adding a tips section too.

I had the idea Of calling the E-books “On My Easel.  Take a sneaky look over my shoulder as I paint”. Because that is really what they are, I have even included my previously sold tips on loading your brush to achieve fine lines and my basics of painting fur pages (2 pages), just so everyone can see exactly how I paint fur 🙂 and also my fur painting article from the Artists & Illustrators magazine! so you will now get to see that without even buying the magazine 🙂

I’m really happy with the way the books have turned out and they really bring you up to day with the methods I use to paint today!

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my website so that I can release volume 1 and it will be all ready to go 🙂

If anyone has any questions please just drop me an email- or post on the blog

Volume 2 will hopefully be released 1-2 weeks after volume 1.

Tiger Painting 99% Completed “On my Easel”

I’ve worked some more on him – 99.0% done now.

All I have left to do is to add some blue shadow to some of the whiskers on the shadow side of the face and he is done – hope you all like him

better photo on my site

BTW I have been working REAL HARD for days to put all of my demos and “on my easel” tutorials that I’ve done over the past 8-10 years as 2 ebooks, each one will be 50 odd pages in length and about 150 ish photos! so lots of details showing how I have tackled each subject, I hope they will be of use to some. Ishould have the 1st volume done in a couple more days.

New Art Book “On My Easel” almost ready!!!

As mentioned in my last post I have been working VERY hard on my new art ebook.

Basically it’s a look at almost all of the step by steps / tutorials and paintings I have had onmy easel in the last 8-10 years!

It started off as a small project, but last count there was almost 100 pages!!! each page has approx 3 photos on it so there is a massive 250-300 photos. I think it will be of great use to artists who are interested in seeing how I go from initial idea to finished painting in my wildlife artwork.

I’m still adding some more content at the moment and also expanding on the original text to give even more tips and secrets 🙂

Stay tuned as I hope to have it ready in just a few more days.

Here’s a sneak peek at just 2 of the 100 or so pages 🙂

art book

So Your Almost All Artists! Lets Steamline this Blog Even More!

That poll was super interesting for me, I hope you all found it interesting to.

So basically almost everyone that visits my website is an artist, looking for tips or instruction or just browsing to see how other artists do things. 

That is fine and great, but now that prompts another question, one that will help me refine my Blog even more.

Are you a complete beginner, a novice with some experience, or an advanced artist? It’s just a quick click of the button below, so please take the 1 second to take the poll and I’ll try to pitch this blog to what everyone wants 🙂 With a little variety in there as well of course 🙂

Just wanted to update everyone that I have now finished my latest ebook “Wildlife Art On My Easel” 🙂

You can find more details and download it here

Don’t forget to Talk to me :)

Well I’m delighted to say that just about everyday the number of visits to my Blog increases – that’s got to be good news right??? Well it means I’m not typing out all these pages for nothing! Ha….

But hey…. why not introduce yourself, drop me an email, make a comment on my blog, tell me what you would like to see on my Blog, on my gallery site, on my tutorial site. I’d love to hear what you all have to say – I don’t bite! ha….

Just thought of something else too – if you like my blog / sites etc I’d love you to tell your friends – the more visitors I get the more inspired I am to add new content 🙂 he he…..


Want to Learn to Oil Paint?

Well… most of you know that I have sold my Learrn to Paint Wildlife in Oils Ebook / CD for a few years now  – and due to it’s success and the fact that I love to teach, I’m going to do a whole new series of e-books, but here’s the crunch!

For me to make them as good as possible I will need some help from you! yes You! I want as much feedback as possible from everyone letting me know what they would like to see covered in my lessons – the series will cover all levels from beginners who have never even picked up a brush, to my current level – as you know if you have already bought my current ebook, I don’t keep secrets, I share all the painting knowledge I have willingly 🙂

So whatever your current painting level, drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.