Giraffe Painting – Finished

Well thanks everyone for completing that last poll – very interesting – I’ll adjust my new posts to cover your comments:)

Interestingly composition received quite a large number of votes and for this latest Giraffe painting I felt the composition was lacking somehow.

I was happy with the grass and also the giraffe, but although the giraffe was supposed to be moving, he / the scene, seems somewhat static. One way to make things look  like it’s moving is to blur it a little, I’m sure you have all seen photo’s of racing cars that are blurred a bt to make the car look like it’s moving fast. But that wasn’t going to work in this instance, he just wasn’t moving THAT FAST! Ha… I just wanted the giraffe to look like he was gentle walking – so what could I do?

Well I finally decided that by adding some birds, moving from the giraffe towards the tree it would lead the viewers eye, creating that subtle feeling of movement I was after. Also to make the composition more pleasing I chose an odd number of birds (3 oxpeckers), and made sure they were all unevenly spaced too.

Hope you like the finished result (note due to the contrast of the photo the giraffe looks a little cut out – it’s better in real life 🙂