I know Your Bloated But Please – Don’t Miss Out!

These days we are all suffering from bloat – email bloat that is!!!

Every time I check my email I get another load of garbage in my inbox and I think everyone is suffering the same fate – it’s a real shame – it’s spoiling the net.

So the last thing you want to do is give your email address away and sign up to a Newsletter! Right?

But my Newsletter is somewhat different – it only comes out every month or two, it has ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM, it’s written by me personally and I NEVER disclose your email address to anyone else – I know how precious your email address is – remember I have one too ha…

But IF YOU WANT TO BE THE 1st to see my new paintings, prints, art tips etc etc then PLEASE DO SIGN UP.  it’s my only real means of staying in touch with you all 🙂

It’s simple to do just click on the image below and fill in your email address. Over the years I have built up over 1,500 followers and I’d hate for you to miss out – sincerely


Link now working! 🙂

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