Image editing for artists

currently doing a series of short videos on my YouTube wildlife art channel – basic image editing for artists


Gorilla Drawing – pen and ink – ballpoint pen on Strathmore paper

just did a quick video on a 1hr sketch I did of a gorilla – hope you like it. its on youtube here –… gorilla is on toned paper – ballpoint pen and a 12 x 9in paper – ref photo Jan Willemsen

New speed painting video – wildlife art youtube

New speed painting video – wildlife art youtube

Baby Gorilla Painting For Sale – eBay NOW!

Hi everyone

Brand new original painting of a baby Gorilla in its loving mothers arms.

It is for sale on eBay Auction right now !

10% goes to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund


Thank you to Tambako for the beautiful ref photo 🙂

gorilla baby painting

What type of Painting DVD would you prefer???

Here’s another Poll I hope you will all take a second to take, as it should help me choose the correct type of DVD you would all like.

Here’s the Dilemma, would you rather buy a standard type DVD, one you would be able to play on your home DVD player / TV. The downside to this type of DVD would be that it would cost more as I would have to charge for the DVD, it’s cover and post and packaging. Plus it would probably take about 2 weeks to get to customers outside of the UK.

The other option would be for me to produce a movie that you could download from the net, this one you would view on your PC. The advantages would be that it would cost less and you could download it straight away. Downside is that it would not be downloadable to people on a slow connection.

There are more pros and cons to both, but I won’t bother to cover those as you know which would be applicable to you personally.

So please take the poll and we can see how it turns out 🙂