Lemur Original Drawing for sale – auction ends 23 Aug 2015

Lemur Original Drawing for sale – auction ends 23 Aug 2015

Currently selling on ebay well below my normal gallery selling price

see the live auction HERE

lemur drawing for sale

lemur drawing for sale

Leopard Oil painting – New original for sale on ebay

I have just finished this brand new Leopard painting. the painting is for sale on ebay auction for the next few days and is priced substantially below my normal gallery selling price.

You can visit the auction here


There are some step by step photos on my wildlife art Facebook page


how to paint a leopard

Leopard Painting – Brand New Original Oil on Canvas – For Sale

update June 2013 – SOLD

Hi everyone,

Just put the finishing touches to my latest Leopard study.
For this painting I really wanted to emphasize the dramatic back lighting, so I created a nice dark rich background and really upped the lighting.

Hope you think I managed to achieve the effect.

The painting is now on sale on eBay auction
12 x 8 in oil on canvas

leopard painting

leopard painting

Jaguar Painting – Underpainting – on auction soon

Hi everyone, just started the underpainting on my new Jaguar Painting – hope you like it so far.


Brand New Wolf Painting – on eBay SOON! (next few days)

On eBay auction NOW!


wolf painting ebay

wolf painting ebay


Here I am working on my brand new wolf painting, just the very 1st layers of detailing at the moment as you can see. I hope to have this wolf painting up for auction in the next few days, so keep tuned. More updates very soon.

wolf painting for sale