New Leopard wildlife art video out today!

Just released a new video – This painting Video is something VERY different! I have compressed the whole 9 hours it took me to complete the painting and used modern video technology to speed up and compress the whole process in to a 1 hour film. With my voice over explaining what I am doing throughout.



New Snow Leopard Original Painting – for sale on eBay NOW!

New Snow Leopard Original Painting – for sale on eBay NOW!

Hi everyone, hope you all like this new original oil painting I just finished.

Thanks to Steve Tracy for the wonderful help with the reference photo.

Ebay auction link here

snow leopard cub painting for sale

snow leopard cub painting for sale


some painting steps of the snow leopard cub

some painting steps of the snow leopard cub


Latest HUGE Tiger Print Released! VERY Limited Edition

I’ve just had the final proof back for my latest HUGE tiger limited edition print and it looks magnificent, even if I do say so myself. ha…. The printers really have excelled themselves. I’m so lucky to be able to work with one of the best print houses in the business.

The print is very limited, meaning there will only be a few prints done worldwide. The print is being released in it’s massive full size and also a smaller size to fit into more moderate areas.

Full details can be found on my website HERE

Tiger print

Cheetah Painting – Wildlife Art – on the Easel

It’s been a real pleasure to paint my latest painting, a cheetah running at full speed!

If you do a search on the web you will find VERY few paintings of cheetahs running, even fewer running at full speed and fewer still with the cat in focus. So although it was a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I hope you think I have captured not only the speed but also the grace of this superbly adapted cat.

I have posted some images of the painting at various stages as well as the final piece.

Cheetah stage 1

cheetah stage 2

cheetah 3