Another Update to my Oil Painting – Wildlife Art

Another Update to my Oil Painting – (Wildlife Art)

The foreground grasses are underpaint at the moment, I will now layer on top of this when dry

lion painting - wildlife art

Gorilla Painting – 90% Completed

Well I’m at the stage with this painting where I am just tweaking now – a glaze here and there, spending more time standing back and looking at it, than actually painting. Hope you have enjoyed the journey – seeing how I develop a commission piece.

All continue to twek then upload a new photo under good lighting so you get a better feel for him – love to hear anyones thoughts on him 🙂


Zoom Right in to my Wildlife Art!!!

Have you always been frustrated when trying to select a fine art print or painting because you just couldn’t zoom right in and see all the detail?

Well now you can zoom right in! Have a look at The Thinker and you will know what you can expect from all my paintings and prints.

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Adding the Details – The Great Migration Painting

Well the latest update shows that quite a lot has been happening with the painting, the water is almost completed, as are most of the animals. I’m now at the stage where I am adding colour and shadow glazes to give the animals and the scenery much more shape and form. There is in fact some fairly thick paint, especially in the foreground water foam, but I don’t think you can see it in the photo. More updates soon as this major painting reaches the final stage.

Migration painting

Migration painting

Jason Morgan – Wildlife Artist

Wildlife Art Blog – Latest Update

As you can see from the latest painting update I am now working my way down the painting. All those stripes can make your eyes go real funny, so I can only paint 2 zebra at a time before having a break. Ha… Not too many sessions left now before all the painting will be blocked in with it’s 1st coat of oil paint. Then the real work begins- bringing this painting to life!

great migration africa






detail view