Thinking of Buying a Print or Original – in USD $? Big Savings NOW!

Well the pound is WEAK and the U S Dollar is strong and it only just occurred to me how much my U.S. collectors would now save buying prints or especially originals (commissions) from me in this current climate.


At the moment prices displayed on my site show UK pounds Sterling, and then an estimate of what it converts to in USD (dollars) I can’t have an exact amount as it constantly fluctuates.


So I went to a currency conversion tool and checked out just what the savings would be, so here’s a quick list, correct at time of writing –

Print Prices

Cost                      Was$             Now$          Saving$

£100                     $200              $142           $58
£150                     $300              $214           $86
£200                     $400              $285           $115
£250                     $500              $357           $143

Here’s an Idea for Original Painting Prices


Cost £                  Was $            Now $        Saving $
£1000                   $2000            $1428         $572
£2000                   $4000            $2856         $1144
£3000                   $6000            $4284         $1716

Those savings for American dollars REALLY surprised me! Not sure what the currency is like in other countries at the moment, but you can try looking for yourself by using this currecy converter.


So I guess, what I am saying is – “if you are thinking of buying a print or commissioning me in the future, then nows a good time to save a lot of money”.