FREE Wildlife Reference Photos

Lots of talk on the social media sites about copyright free reference photos and how they are sometimes not as copyright free as you might think.

Well I can only speak for myself – mine are absolutely fine to use to draw and paint from to sell your work etc no worries at all.

always have been (for YEARS) always will be.

watch my video for more details and to get this weeks free reference photos + line art.

Wildlife Reference photos – free photos

This weeks free photos are ready to download.

link in video as usual.

New free wildlife reference photos – wildlife art

New free wildlife reference photos – wildlife art

Wildlife Reference Photos

I have a new website dedicated to Wildlife Reference Photos.

Over 800 photos, all copyright free and come with line art included.




Copyright free photos for artists

Free photos for you to use in your art projects – paint from them, draw them etc – This weeks Free Photo Friday is up and ready guys

FREE copyright free photos for artists – wildlife

My new photos are ready to download this week – link in the video.

Wildlife art photos for artists

Free photo Friday again – New free artists reference photos

Free artist reference photos available here