The Great Migration Print – Now Available!!!

Well as most of you know it has taken ages for The Great Migration print to finally be released as a Limited Edition Print – it’s really not easy to perfect a print this size, but I’m excited to say that it now ready!!!

You can find all the details on my site here

It’s available in two sizes, the massive original size – 52 in x 16 in and also a half sized print 26 in x 8 in for those who don’t have quite a large enough wall space 🙂

Here are a few photos for those that haven’t seen the painting / print yet.

great migration full size


detail 2

New Print Released for Xmas 2009 – Reserve your copy NOW!

I’ve been working hard to get my latest and LARGEST limited edition print ready in time for Christmas orders. Getting a perfect print done of a painting this size – 52 inches wide, is no easy task I can tell you!

But it is currently in the VERY final proof stage, so please drop me an email to reserve your copy.

I am releasing it in two sizes for those that don’t have the wall space for the full sized version, you can see full details here – Print details.

Here’s a photo of the full painting, plus some detail shots.

Adding the Details – The Great Migration Painting

Well the latest update shows that quite a lot has been happening with the painting, the water is almost completed, as are most of the animals. I’m now at the stage where I am adding colour and shadow glazes to give the animals and the scenery much more shape and form. There is in fact some fairly thick paint, especially in the foreground water foam, but I don’t think you can see it in the photo. More updates soon as this major painting reaches the final stage.

Migration painting

Migration painting

Jason Morgan – Wildlife Artist

Great Migration – Almost Finished

I just had to start adding the details to the Zebra below! I couldn’t wait any longer. I find him fascinating to paint, and he’s one of the real stars of the painting. Look at the body language – such a heightened sense of awareness – Eyes staring at the croc, nostrils flared, ears pointing directly at it, listening, smelling, looking for any movement of the Croc, will he survive the crossing???

Hope to have the painting finished in the next week or two.

great migration painting - details being added

great migration painting - details being added

The full painting

The full painting

Wildebeest migration painting – the next stage

I’ve now completed the tonal underpainting of the wildebeest migration crossing painting – hope you like it so far. Now the painting should really start to come to life as I begin to paint the background with oil paints.

Remember you can also follow the development on my wildlife art site – Wildlife Art of Jason Morgan

wildebeest migration painting

detail view


New Painting on the easel – The Crossing (Great Migration)


It’s been a while since I wrote but I’ve been real busy, catching up with print and CD sales and also designing the composition etc for my latest huge painting “The Crossing”.

Here are some initial stages showing how I block in the painting with a monotone 1st – I’ll come back later and paint over this with oils to bring it to life.

The painting is approx 50inches x 16 inches.

wildlife art