Jaguar Painting for sale – eBay (last 2 days)

Here is a much better scan o f my latest Jaguar painting for sale on

Hope you all like it.

jaguar painting for sale on ebay

12 x 10in

oil on canvas

Jaguar Art – oil painting – update

Here is the latest update, basically all the underfur is now painted in, now comes the fun part, adding the details and adjusting the colours and tones to make it look much more realistic.

jaguar art

Jaguar painting – Update – for sale on eBay

Here is the latest update on the Jaguar painting. Just the 1st layer of texture.

jaguar art


Update 23 march 2012

Jaguar Painting – NOW for sale on eBay Auction


New Jaguar Painting, For sale on ebay soon

Here is the latest update on my Jaguar painting – still a long way to go on it of course, but you get an idea :o)


jaguar painting

Jaguar Painting – Underpainting – on auction soon

Hi everyone, just started the underpainting on my new Jaguar Painting – hope you like it so far.