Wildlife Art Ebook – pay what you can


I know at this time of massive Christmas sales and spending not everyone has money for luxury items like art books etc, so I thought I would do a reverse Black Friday – you can get my original (2003) ebook – “Painting Wildlife” and pay what you can – YES THAT INCLUDES PAYING NOTHING – I ALWAYS trust my art friends to not take advantage and I really believe the world is mostly filled with good / honest people – so if you really can’t pay anything at all, then please be my guest and get the eBook for FREE, if you can only pay $1 thats fine too  enjoy –  here is the link to get the eBook –http://bit.ly/1MHZ9vY

New Leopard wildlife art video out today!

Just released a new video – This painting Video is something VERY different! I have compressed the whole 9 hours it took me to complete the painting and used modern video technology to speed up and compress the whole process in to a 1 hour film. With my voice over explaining what I am doing throughout.



Wildlife Art Video – OUT NOW! DVD + Downloads, Painting Tutorials by Jason Morgan

Brand New Release 2014Almost 8 hours of Video!

Have you always wanted to watch a Professional Wildlife Artist paint? Seeing EXACTLY how he does it, IN REAL TIME?
Well now you can do just that! For my NEW painting video I set up some video cameras and recorded every single minute of painting, including the mixing of colours, it’s all here!



wildlife art dvdwildlife-oil-painting-video

How to Paint Animals

How to Paint Animals and Fur


(Novice / Advanced Techniques)

Have you always struggled to paint fur?


Click link for full details


how to paint animals

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10 years after my 1st eBook “Painting Wildlife in Oils” I bring you my most in depth painting book ever!

Learn EXACTLY how I paint animals!

Over 135 High Resolution color Photos!

130+ Pages!

I cover it all!

Including – Snow Leopards, Tigers,  Leopards, Elephants, Jaguars, Bears and more!


100% money back guarantee, as per usual on ALL my products

BUY The E book NOW
(instant download)

Only $30 USD
(approx. £20)

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Jaguar Art – oil painting – update

Here is the latest update, basically all the underfur is now painted in, now comes the fun part, adding the details and adjusting the colours and tones to make it look much more realistic.

jaguar art

Painting Made EASY! I Guarantee it!

I remember VERY vividly the feelings of frustration I had when I was starting to paint all those years ago. It seemed like what at 1st seemed like the simplest thing in the world to do (starting to paint) was getting as complex as learning to be a brain surgeon!

I was so confused with all the so called rules etc that to be honest with you I almost never even managed to put brush to canvas at all! and I think many, if not all painting beginners feel exactly the same way as I did.

But it certainly doesn’t have to be that way.

In reality there really are only a few supplies you really need, just a couple of cheap brushes and a few other bits and bobs you can pick up at any art store, and your ready to start.

The whole idea for me doing my eBook “Oil Painting made EASY!” was to simplify and dispel all the myths and needless rules that seem to following painting around like a bad smell.

There really is no reason why you can’t go out to the art store in the morning and then be doing your 1st painting after lunch! It really is that simple, I guarantee it – I have a money back guarantee on ALL my products as you probably know, I’m that confident in them 🙂

All my eBooks help to make painting easier as I share my techniques with you no holds barred. But oil painting made easy is especially targeted at teaching people to paint, right from the very start of buying their 1st paints and supplies (I even supply a short shopping list). But it also goes much farther than the beginners stage, so you can also progress with your art, so it really is a fantastic buy.

If you want to learn to paint right now, not next week, next month or next year give my eBook a try, you could be reading it in minutes. And if for some reason you’re not happy with it then just email me and ask for a refund! Simple as that. As you can see I  put a LOT of trust in people being truthful and 99% of the time they are 🙂

You can find LOTS more details on my website (click the photo below)


Tiger painting video – stage 2

Stage 2 of my Tiger painting video is now ready to view. Hope you are all enjoying the progress.

Tiger Painting Art Video – Speed Painting

Hi everyone,

I have been playing with my HD video recorder and recorded the beginning stages of my latest Tiger oil painting, hope you like it so far.

It is not meant as an instructional aid, but just to show you the process – for now, stay tuned for much bigger developments.

I would be VERY interested to hear any comments or suggestions, remember this blog is here for you to use 🙂


Learning to match / paint a specific color

The one thing beginner and novice artists seem to have trouble with more than anything else is painting or matching a color they see. Whether the color is from a reference photo, or a scene you are looking at you will need to have a basic understanding of color and color mixing before you can even begin to get close to mixing it in paint.

Now although many books over complicate matters for the beginner, many others over simplify things too much by giving the beginner / novice artist paint mixes/recipes, for example they say things like – mix a certain amount of Ultra Marine Blue with a certain amount of Winsor yellow and you will get grass green. Now that may be true, for that particular type of grass, but what will the beginner / novice do when faced with a grass in a different light or any other subject that differs from the paint mix? Basically they are stuck.

By following paint mixes you are basically following a recipe, your doing a paint by numbers and NOT learning how to paint at all.

What you need to do to really LEARN to mix a required color is follow a series of simple logical steps, by asking yourself questions to evaluate the color you are seeing. In my latest ebook “oil painting made easy” I have covered lots of different aspects of color mixing – including learning to see color, lightening / darkening a color, greying a color etc etc etc but more importantly I show you step by step exactly the questions I ask myself when I am mixing a certain color, I show you my thought process. By learning this along with some color mixing basics you can then mix a color to match any subject nomatter where or what it is – you are REALLY learning to paint.

Below is a very brief example taken from my ebook “oil painting made easy” and although the ebook was written mainly with oil painters in mind MANY of the principles apply to all painting mediums – hope you find this example of use

Click the photos for larger views (images much larger in ebook)

matching a color

BRAND NEW EBOOK “Oil Painting Made Easy” – Available Now!

learn to paint

Oil Painting Made Easy – the new eBook is Available Right NOW!

Well as the title says – the new eBook, years in the makinh (literally) is available from today!

All the details etc are on my site here – http://www.jasonmorgan.co.uk/Misc%20pages/oil-painting-made-easy.html

Here are a few screen shots from the Almost 100 pages!