The completed Lion Painting – For Sale

Hi everyone,

This is the finished oil painting. Hope you have all enjoyed watching this one come to life.

If you are interested in purchasing the original or prints just drop me an email ( )

Next up, 2 medium sized Tiger portraits and then 2 VERY special Tiger paintings, I won’t spoil the surprise but they will be very different 🙂

lion painting for sale

oil on stretched canvas

Lion Painting – adding the details

I have added quite a few details to the face and will be working on the mouth area next 🙂

After that I will begin to glaze + refine the colors more.

lion art

Lion Painting – wildlife art continued

I’ve started to add some more realism to the colours now, probably 2 to 3 more layers required to bring the current areas to completion. I can then start laying in the foreground grasses with thick paint. This should give it a nice 3d feel.

lion art

Lion Painting – Next Stage (Jason Morgan)

Here’s the latest update. I have done the under / tonal painting with just 1 acrylic colour – burnt sienna, although it might look a little dark on this photo, the highlights are where I have wiped the wet paint of with some tissue when it was drying.

This will just give me a rough plan to follow, just showing me the position of the darks and lights.

I might or might not, dig out my acrylics to continue with the underpainting as I did in my last demo – not decided yet

lion kill scene

Lion Painting – Latest Update – Details

Hi everyone,

I’ve started to add some details now, refined the colours on the Lion’s body and shaped the form some more, but I’m going to keep the details down a bit on the body to emphasize the face more.

I’ve added some details to the mane and will now work my way forward, overlapping the fur as I go 🙂

No detail at all has been painted on the face yet, just under-paint so far.

lion oil painting