New Painting Just Started! – Siberian Tiger

I’ve just started my latest commission – a huge tiger portrait with real dramatic lighting

Here’s the initial drawng on canvas – many more step by steps to come real soon


Gorilla Art – Starting the Detail Stage (wildlife art)

Now the underpainting has fully dried I have started to begin the detail stage, once the details are all in I will begin adjusting tones and hues with glazes. Appologies for the less than perfect photo below.

New Painting on the easel – The Crossing (Great Migration)


It’s been a while since I wrote but I’ve been real busy, catching up with print and CD sales and also designing the composition etc for my latest huge painting “The Crossing”.

Here are some initial stages showing how I block in the painting with a monotone 1st – I’ll come back later and paint over this with oils to bring it to life.

The painting is approx 50inches x 16 inches.

wildlife art