How to mix painting colors

Many people get a bit confused when they are trying to match a color in their paintings, so here I show you the basic technique I teach in my ebook “oil painting made easy


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Learning to match / paint a specific color

The one thing beginner and novice artists seem to have trouble with more than anything else is painting or matching a color they see. Whether the color is from a reference photo, or a scene you are looking at you will need to have a basic understanding of color and color mixing before you can even begin to get close to mixing it in paint.

Now although many books over complicate matters for the beginner, many others over simplify things too much by giving the beginner / novice artist paint mixes/recipes, for example they say things like – mix a certain amount of Ultra Marine Blue with a certain amount of Winsor yellow and you will get grass green. Now that may be true, for that particular type of grass, but what will the beginner / novice do when faced with a grass in a different light or any other subject that differs from the paint mix? Basically they are stuck.

By following paint mixes you are basically following a recipe, your doing a paint by numbers and NOT learning how to paint at all.

What you need to do to really LEARN to mix a required color is follow a series of simple logical steps, by asking yourself questions to evaluate the color you are seeing. In my latest ebook “oil painting made easy” I have covered lots of different aspects of color mixing – including learning to see color, lightening / darkening a color, greying a color etc etc etc but more importantly I show you step by step exactly the questions I ask myself when I am mixing a certain color, I show you my thought process. By learning this along with some color mixing basics you can then mix a color to match any subject nomatter where or what it is – you are REALLY learning to paint.

Below is a very brief example taken from my ebook “oil painting made easy” and although the ebook was written mainly with oil painters in mind MANY of the principles apply to all painting mediums – hope you find this example of use

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matching a color

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Oil Painting Made Easy – the new eBook is Available Right NOW!

Well as the title says – the new eBook, years in the makinh (literally) is available from today!

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Here are a few screen shots from the Almost 100 pages!

Oil Painting Made Easy – Out SOON!

Many people are concerned so much about the so-called “rules of oil painting” that they are put off before they ever even pick up a brush!

But it doesn’t have to be that way, the whole purpose of my new eBook is to demystify oil painting, to free up any concerns you might have so you can have fun and actually enjoy painting.

This new ebook is all about learning to paint, it started off as an ebook for complete beginners, but it grew and grew and now encompasses so much more.

Not only does it care for the beginner with chapters on things like buying the right types of paint and canvas, even with a shopping list for beginners, but it also covers subjects like mixing and matching colours, composition, and even how you can use image editing software to help you find the true colour of elusive colours, how to clone people in landscapes, remove cage bars from zoo photos and soooo much more.

What started out as a small project grew to massive proportions and is now almost 100 pages long.

Watch this space for more details in the next few days.