Want to Learn to Oil Paint?

Well… most of you know that I have sold my Learrn to Paint Wildlife in Oils Ebook / CD for a few years now  – and due to it’s success and the fact that I love to teach, I’m going to do a whole new series of e-books, but here’s the crunch!

For me to make them as good as possible I will need some help from you! yes You! I want as much feedback as possible from everyone letting me know what they would like to see covered in my lessons – the series will cover all levels from beginners who have never even picked up a brush, to my current level – as you know if you have already bought my current ebook, I don’t keep secrets, I share all the painting knowledge I have willingly 🙂

So whatever your current painting level, drop me an email and let me know your thoughts. mailto:jason@onlineart.f9.co.uk


Tiger Painting – the next stage – Jason Morgan

The light in this piece is really what will make the painting, it’s so dramatic and that is what I concentrated on in the stage below. Now I’m starting to work on some basic details and will continue to add them to the left side of the canvas before working over the whole painting again.

Larger images can be viewed on my wildlife art site

tiger art
tiger art