Painting a White Tiger Step by Step Tutorial.

Some visitors have asked to see some step by steps of my latest White Tiger painting. So this is for all those interested in how a painting develops. I’ll post some more photos soon ­čÖé

The 1st photo (below) shows the painting with the pencil drawing transfered to the canvas and then sealed with a fine spray of pencil / pastel fixative. When that was dry I washed over a thin coat of acrylic (Burnt Umber).

toning the canvas

Whilst the acrylic was still wet I used a few pieces of kitchen tissue and wiped most of it off. This just left a stain of colour, which is much nicer to paint over than a stark white canvas.

With the stain dry (above) I painted over most of the main pencil lines with a dark mix of Burnt Umber / Ultramarine Blue acrylic. This was just to re-establish my main lines so that I would see them more easily when I began to apply the oils.

tiger underpainting