Painting eyes in oils

just 1 of the eyes I paint in my 3 hour eye painting masterclass



Painting Eyes – free video on YouTube Now

Hi guys, I have just uploaded a new “painting Eyes in oils” free 5 minute video over on my wildlife art YouTube Channel.

Hope you all like it

New Lion Painting – begining the oils

After the tonal under-painting has dried it’s is time to start the oil painting stage. as most of you are familiar with I will be using W&N Alkyd oil paints from this stage to the end. I really think they are better than standard oils – they dry by the next day so I have the option to build layers up quite quickly 🙂

I like to start painting the eyes very early on in most of my paintings, it gives me the feeling that I have company when I paint plus I like to get the eyes right when I am nice and fresh, if the eyes don’t work then the rest of the painting will be worthless.

lion eyes