Pastels Fixatives

Do you wonder how to protect pastel drawings and paintings when they are finished? do pastel fixatives make pastels darker or alter their colour ? find out in this in-depth video

Pastel Fixative – spray test – what works – stop pastels smudging

Lots have opinions on the topic of Pastel fixatives – and lots of beginners get confused – so hope this video helps.

I know many like a certain brand of fixative and say how it never alters tones etc but I have now spent close to £80+ on different fixatives people have recommended (i dont show them all) and when I test them almost all are terrible.

So I wont be trying anymore unless people can show them actually working as they should in a test like mine – hope this helps people out – there is 1 good product amongst them 😉

could this be the solution to stop pastels smudging?