New free wildlife reference photos – wildlife art

New free wildlife reference photos – wildlife art

Copyright free photos for artists

Free photos for you to use in your art projects – paint from them, draw them etc – This weeks Free Photo Friday is up and ready guys

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Here are a few screen shots of some of my offers

wildlife art sale

wildlife photo sale

British Willdife Reference Photos – available NOW!

As you all probably know, I have previously released two volumes of free to use reference photos. I realized a long time ago that the problem most artists have, especially at the novice stage, is that they just don’t have or struggle to get, their own great reference photos to paint from. and as you know, just stealing photos off the net or out of books is well….. stealing! and breaking copyright laws.

So I decided to get a load of my photos together and put them on a CD at a very high resolution so artists could print them out or look at them on their computer screens whilst they painted, confident in the knowledge that they could sell their paintings etc without any copyright worries.

Well volumes 1 & 2 concentrated on a wide variety of wildlife from big cats to a Rhino’s eye! and they were a great success, but for volume 3 I wanted to do something quite different. so I teamed up with my longtime friend and wildlife photographer Paul Lloyd and we came up with the idea of doing British Wildlife – Flora & Fauna. Combining our photo archives we gathered together a huge array of photos, from wild badgers to butterflies / dragonflies and even Fungi! There really is something for everyone on this disc. You could paint for years from it.

And all for approx 17 pence (about 27 cents!) per photo!

You can find out more, with a list of species included etc on my site

Here are a few photos as examples

Wildlife Reference Photos – Royalty FREE


Buy wildlife reference photos volumes 1 + 2 and make a great price saving!


wildlife reference photos
wildlife reference photos


Just released 2011

British wildlife reference photos!





All the inspiration you need to paint from for YEARS!

I’ve had this project in my mind for a few months now, and finally after ages scanning, selecting images etc it has finally come to fruition!

Amateur Artists in Particular can Find it hard to source Free to use (Royalty Free) Photos for their projects.

So I came up with the idea of putting 100 of my own photos on a CD so others could paint from them WITHOUT the expense of going to Africa and other places around the world!

This is just 6 of the 100 you will get on the CD

JUST 17 pence (approx $0.28) PER IMAGE!!!

Hope everyone thinks it’s a good idea!!! 🙂

wildlife reference photos - royalty free