Learn to Paint Wildlife Art – Video / DVD / Tutorial

Here are some screen shots from my Wildlife Art Video – Snow Leopard

On the video you will see me paint EVERY brush stroke + create every paint mix too.

It’s a full 8 hrs long, and there is also a condensed video too

If you have always wanted to see exactly how a professional wildlife artist paint then this video shows you

Lots more details + a preview video on my Wildlife Art Website

how to paint wildlife video

how to paint wildlife video






See details of the video + learn to paint wildlife art today

New Snow Leopard Original Painting for sale NOW

New Snow Leopard Original Painting for sale NOW

I have just put the finishing touches to this new snow leopard original oil painting. It is for sale on ebay auction right now.

Hope you all like it.

snow leopard painting for sale

12 x 8in

oil on canvas

Thanks to Tamby for the great ref pic

Wildlife Art – Snow Leopard Painging Finished !

Just put the finishing touches to my latest Snow Leopard Oil painting.

snow leopard oil painting

approx 20 x 10in on canvas.

If you would like to commission me to paint something special for you please email me direct jason@onlineartdemos.co.uk

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Snow Leopard Painting – work in progress

Just done more work on the snow leopards head. the whole head other than the eyes has been painted in 1 session, wet in wet oil on canvas

snow leopard painting

How to Paint Animals – New Snow Leopard Painting

Just started this new Snow Leopard Painting.

This first photo shows the basic underpainting done in Acrylic paints as it dries so much quicker than oils.

The painting is for sale – please email me for full details – jason@onlineartdemos.co.uk


how to paint a snow leopard

Thanks to Steve Tracy for the great ref photo

Latest Snow Leopard Painting update

Adding the details
if you would like to learn more about my painting techniques see the link below

learn to paint wildlife

New Snow Leopard Painting – for sale before Christmas!

Here is the latest on my easel, I thought you might be interested in seeing it develop.

Please note the ones I am showing on here at the moment are due to be for sale soon, so will be available for Christmas 🙂

This one is 10 x 10in


how to paint a snow leopard