New Video – Snow Leopard Cub – Out Now!

New Painting Video – Snow Leopard Cub – Out Now!

Have you always wanted to see exactly how a Professional Wildlife Artist paints a VERY realistic and detailed Big cat portrait?

Well, on this video you can!

See the painting develop – from the very first stages of the tonal underpainting

Watch as I block in the shape and form creating a solid underpainting

Including final glazing & much more !


Wildlife Art – Snow Leopard Painging Finished !

Just put the finishing touches to my latest Snow Leopard Oil painting.

snow leopard oil painting

approx 20 x 10in on canvas.

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Snow Leopard Oil Painting – Wildlife Art Tutorial

Just thought I would drop you all a post to show a tiny snow leopard painting I am working on at the moment.

Its 10 x 8in oil on canvas as per usual.

(The original painting is for sale contact me for details –

This 1st stage below show just how dark an underpainting needs to be, especially if you are working in layers. Too light at this stage and your next layers of paint wont show up.


Painting fur texture (below) is really not that hard, as I show in my wildfeart eBooks, but you do need to have a plan and be methodical – it really doesn’t take that long either, with my techniques the whole face texture took about 2 hours.



The photo below shows the painting 80-90 % finished. All I really have to do is add the very lightest highlights and do a few specific glazes of colour just to bring it to life. I hope you like this little study of a Snow Leopard so far.