Lion Painting – First full layer of details

Well I have added more details to the Lion and I think just another 2-3 sessions and I will call him done 🙂

lion painting fine art

Painting a White Tiger Step by Step Tutorial.

Some visitors have asked to see some step by steps of my latest White Tiger painting. So this is for all those interested in how a painting develops. I’ll post some more photos soon 🙂

The 1st photo (below) shows the painting with the pencil drawing transfered to the canvas and then sealed with a fine spray of pencil / pastel fixative. When that was dry I washed over a thin coat of acrylic (Burnt Umber).

toning the canvas

Whilst the acrylic was still wet I used a few pieces of kitchen tissue and wiped most of it off. This just left a stain of colour, which is much nicer to paint over than a stark white canvas.

With the stain dry (above) I painted over most of the main pencil lines with a dark mix of Burnt Umber / Ultramarine Blue acrylic. This was just to re-establish my main lines so that I would see them more easily when I began to apply the oils.

tiger underpainting

Gorilla Oil Painting – 3/4 finished!

I’ve continued to add more detail around the canvas – bringing the gorilla painting that bit closer to completion. The image shows the mid fur layers – when this is dry I will start to add the final detail s to the fur – plus I have then got to detail the face and work on the whole chest and abdomen area.

Latest Commission – Silverback Lowland Gorilla

Hi everyone, here’s my latest commission a magnificent Lowland Silverback.

Just the tonal underpainting completed so far – oils on top next, hope you can all stay tuned.

Merry Xmas



Youtube – Wildlife Art – Watch my paintings step by step in this Video + download



FEB 2014

Full details on my tutorial website

wildlife art video

Come and visit me on Youtube to see some of my wildlife art paintings develop step by step. Hope you like them.

youtube art

 I currently have two tiger paintings, an elephant painting and my tutorial CD / E-book on Youtube.


Starting to refine the painting

Here’s another photo showing some more detail added to the tiger plus some grasses in the mid ground. The photo is terrible as I had to take it in completely artificial light, but I’ll try to get a good photo tomorrow. This one gives you the idea of what I have done though.


Wildlife Art – The Creative Process

The creative process has already gone through many stages before I even think about putting any paint on the canvas, from actually visiting the animal, whether that be in a wildlife park, private reserve or the wilds of Africa.

From there I gather my references and think about the composition, lighting and mood I want to convey.

The drawing is then put on the canvas, sealed with a thin acrylic coat and allowed to dry.

Adding the paint
The 1st layers of paint are merely blocking in, I am however conscience of painting in the fur direction even at this early stage.

The main challenge of this stage is to achieve a solid form, one which I can build detail and colour variations upon.

More underpainting
Continuation of the blocking in stage

Further blocking in
At this stage the first blocking in stage is almost complete. I estimate the painting to be approx 40% completed. Absolutely everything will now be adjusted as I bring the paintng to completion.

Refining the painting means adding many more layers of paint building upon the under layers (above) increasing the feeling of fur depth. I also glaze areas to give very subtly variations in colour.

Below you can see the finished painting.

Oil on canvas – 32 x 20in

Prints available NOW on my site
Wildlife Art