How to Paint A Tiger – my brand new video!

HI everyone

I have just released my latest painting tutorial video

showing exactly How to paint a Tiger!

It’s 4 hr 30 min long! and shows everything from glazing, toning the canvas, mixing paints, to the final details


You can see the preview video here

(how to paint a tiger video – youtube)

and buy the video on my wildlife art painting site here






Brand New Tiger Painting for sale on eBay right NOW!

Can there be anything more moving than looking directly into a Tigers beautiful eyes?
I hope you feel I have managed to capture some of that beauty in this painting.


tiger painting for sale, ebay

16 x 12in

oil on canvas

New Tiger Original – For Sale – on the easel

Hi everyone,

here is my latest little painting on my easel, a beautiful adult tiger in superb lighting.
I’ll keep posting here to show the development – watch for this one for sale on my ebay page soon 🙂

Thank you to Tambako for the reference photo used in the creation of this painting

tiger painting for sale

Tiger Original Oil Painting on eBay auction NOW!

Here is my latest Tiger painting, on ebay auction right now.

Hope you like it, I think it is one of my best yet.

Tiger painting for sale on ebay

Tiger Portrait – oil painting on canvas

Finished this one off today, just some minor details and signature – hope you like him



Painting a Tiger in Moonlight

This latest painting is going to be very different for me, a real challenge. I plan to use reference photos that were taken in full daylight and use them to paint a scene in moonlight.

It’s not easy as all colours behave differently in moonlight, some retain some of their true colour others do not, so it is not as easy as painting everything blue.

Here is the 1st stage – Burnt Sienna underpainting.

Tiger Portrait, Painting the fur details

For those of you that have been following my Tiger painting I thought I had better post an update 😉

Here you can see that most of the details have now been added. All that is left to do is refine the whole painting with glazes etc – hope you like it so far.

tiger portrait

tiger fur details