How to Paint a Tonal Underpainting (Tiger)

I have just uploaded a brand new free tutorial video showing how I paint a tonal under painting. This particular painting video shows me doing a Tiger but it would be the same process for any painting.

Hope you like it

Brand New Tiger Original for sale on eBay Auction RIGHT NOW

Brand New Tiger Original for sale on eBay Auction RIGHT NOW

Thank you to my friend Jennifer Nicolson for the wonderful reference photo use to create the painting

tiger painting

tiger art

Tiger in Moonlight Painting – Finished

Well…. I have added the finishing touches to the Tiger in moonlight painting and also signed it, so I am calling this one done. Hope you have enjoyed watching this painting come to life over the last few blog posts.

It has been quite a challenge painting a moonlight scene – hope you think I managed to pull it off 🙂


Tiger Oil Painting, Update (wildlife art)

Just thought I would show you a quick photo of the latest update on my Tiger Oil Painting.

As you can see below I have blocked in the foreground rock and also started to add some texture and more realistic colours to the Tiger’s back and forelimb.

No details as such yet and still a long way to go of course 🙂


Tiger painting – wildlife art update

Now my Wild dog painting is completed it’s time to get back to my Tiger painting.

Here you can see that I have blocked in a very simple blurred background, this should make the tiger really pop and give him a 3D appearance.

tiger painting

Tiger Painting – Beginning to Refine the Painting

With the underpainting now fully completed I can now begin to refine the tiger a little – bear in mind that this is still very much an underpainting and the real details haven’t been painted yet in any area.

As you all know my technique is really an improvement on each layer, as I gradually sneak up on the completion., It’s really an improvement on each previous layers mistakes 🙂

New Tiger Painting (Commission) – work in progress

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a quick glimpse at my latest commission a magnificent Siberian Tiger in very dramatic lighting.

The 1st photo shows the initial drawing on the canvas


The 2nd photo shows that I have applied a quick burnt sienna, acrylic wash over the drawing, wiping out the highlights with some tissue whilst the wash was still wet.


The 3rd photo shows the very start of the acrylic underpainting. As this painting will have such a contrast between the both sides of the painting I wanted a good underpainting to work from – hence the acrylics