Jaguar Painting for sale on eBay Auction NOW! (original wildlife art)

I have just, in the last few hours, finished my latest original oil painting of a Jaguar and it is on eBay auction right now.

The first person to go above the reserve will get a $23 gift, whether they win the auction or not.

The painting is 12 x 10in and is professional oil on canvas, all ready to stretch and frame :o)

Jaguar painting on ebay


New Snow Leopard Oil Painting – on ebay NOW!

Just listed the new snow leopard painting on ebay, right now.

Currently listed at below half my standard exhibition price.

Hope you like him, here is the finished painting and some step by steps.

snow leopard painting ebay

12x10in, oil on canvas.

snow leopard art

snow leopard drawing

Latest Original Lion Oil Painting on Ebay – just 8 hours left

As I type this there is just 8 hours left to bid on my latest Lion oil painting on

The reserve has been exceeded so it will be selling – the price is currently at half my standard gallery price.

lion painting ebay

lion painting ebay