Leopard Painting – finishing touches – for sale soon!

Leopard Painting – finishing touches – for sale soon!

Just another session or so and this original will be up for sale. Hope you think it has the effect I was after when I started it – ie a 3D, popping out of the canvas look.

Leopard Cub Painting – work in progress wip

I have just started the little leopard cub oil painting below, still at the very early stages but I thought it might be of interest for some to see how it develops.

The painting will soon be for sale on ebay auction.

leopard cub painting

leopard cub painting

8 x 10in
oil on canvas

Tiger painting – wildlife art update

Now my Wild dog painting is completed it’s time to get back to my Tiger painting.

Here you can see that I have blocked in a very simple blurred background, this should make the tiger really pop and give him a 3D appearance.

tiger painting


Just a very quick post about my new ebook (volume 1).

As planned and hoped, things are progressing great, so I hope to have it online and ready for everyone to download within the next 24 hrs. So please keep a watch for it on my site

Speak to you soon



Brand NEW Painting Ebook – “The Tutorials” – COMING SOON!

I’ve got something exciting to tell you all on this post (well I think it’s exciting – but perhaps I get excited too easily ha…)

My tutorial site www.jasonmorgan.co.uk has been online for over 10 years now! and in that time I’ve displayed most of the paintings I’ve completed in a step by step format, in a section called – “on my easel”.

Well as new paintings are started I display them in place of the previously completed one, so the “on my easel” page is updated frequently. But with that comes a bit of a problem, all my old step by steps are lost forever!

Soooo…. I got to thinking that it might be of real use for artists hoping to start, or improve their wildlife art, if I gathered ALL the old demos and the brand new ones too (and believe me there are LOTS!) and put them all on an ebook, so they could be easily downloaded and then read on the computer.

What better way to learn the way I tackle each painting, than to actually see the step by steps???

So that is what I am working on at the moment, compiling all my old and also brand new painting photographs, and updating the original text, plus adding lots of new thoughts and pointers – I think it’s going to help a lot of would be wildlife and general artists to understand the thought and practical processes involved in my paintings.

I HOPE to have it ready within about a week…. so watch this blog and I’ll also send out my FREE Newsletter to say when it is released.

If your not one of the 1,600+ subscribers to my newsletter yet then you can join here – Join the FREE newsletter But you don’t have to if you’d rather not 🙂

Obviously I keep your email address private, and I NEVER – EVER – send out SPAM.

Tiger painting – starting the details

Well the detail stage is well underway now – I’ve decided not to go too detailed on the painting, although it might look like I have painted every hair I can assure you it’s only the suggestion I have put in – remember how much smaller you are seeing it on your screens

I’ll post some details when finished just to show you.

Stil go lots to do on him, the ears, back etc plus refinement of colours with glazing at the end.

Tiger Painting – Beginning to Refine the Painting

With the underpainting now fully completed I can now begin to refine the tiger a little – bear in mind that this is still very much an underpainting and the real details haven’t been painted yet in any area.

As you all know my technique is really an improvement on each layer, as I gradually sneak up on the completion., It’s really an improvement on each previous layers mistakes 🙂