Snow Leopard Painting Commission, work in progress

Hi everyone
Just putting the 1st layer of detail to this beautiful snow leopard and I am really enjoying painting the rock too.

Hope you like it so far.

snow leopard painting work in progress


Leopard Cub Painting – work in progress wip

I have just started the little leopard cub oil painting below, still at the very early stages but I thought it might be of interest for some to see how it develops.

The painting will soon be for sale on ebay auction.

leopard cub painting

leopard cub painting

8 x 10in
oil on canvas

Brand New Lion Painting on the Easel

I’ve just started to paint this magnificent African lion. The photo below shows the very 1st stage – drawing the Lion on the canvas. I also toned the canvas with Burnt Sienna, just to eliminate the stark whiteness.


I always like to have company when I paint, so more often than not, I block in the eyes 1st. Here I have also continued with the face a little, just blocking in very basic tones.

Hope you like him so far 😉

african lion

Your comments are alway sappreciated


Tiger Painting – Latest WIP on the easel

Well with the epic “The Great Migration” painting now completed, I have started a painting that couldn’t be more different. This new small Siberian Tiger painting is all about dramatic light, and in the photo above I am blocking in the basic form – searching out the colours and how each one relates to it’s neighbour.

approx 12 x 9in

tiger painting

tiger painting

Starting to refine the painting

Here’s another photo showing some more detail added to the tiger plus some grasses in the mid ground. The photo is terrible as I had to take it in completely artificial light, but I’ll try to get a good photo tomorrow. This one gives you the idea of what I have done though.