Detailed Grasses / Landscape with pastels

this is a preview of my long video on my Patreon art channel.

If you want to learn how to draw / paint detailed grass in pastels then this video is for you 🙂


Pastel Art Supplies

my favourite pastel supplies

there is a link here to all of them and more –



Drawing a human eye – colored pencils – PASTEL

Drawing a human eye – colored pencils – PASTEL

part 2 of my video –

Drawing a Human eye using pastels

in this video series I show you how to draw a realistic human eye using pastels – both soft (Panpastels etc) and also pastel pencils.

unfortunately I lost a lot of video footage in the middle of the sequence.

Paint + Draw fur using pastels and Panpastels

how to paint / draw fur using pastels

This 30 min + video shows How I create realistic fur in pastels – I use a variety of panpastel , soft pastel and pastel pencils for the effect


Drawing flowers with pastel pencils

new short video – drawing flowers with pastel pencils – out now – full version on my patreon art channel


How to draw a bird / feathers with pastels – New Video

how to draw a bird / feathers with pastels