Pastel Pencil Supplies – what I use

In this video I show you exactly the supplies I use for my pastel pencil wildlife art.

Hopefully you will find this of use if you are new to pastels, or thinking of buying some pastel pencils

Pastel Pencil Techniques and tutorials

If your looking for pastel pencil techniques and tutorials I have just released a new set of videos and I have new ones coming to my wildlife art patreon channel.

Here is my latest drawing – my 2nd drawing with coloured pastel pencils.


pastel wildlife art – Bamboo Lemur

Pastel Pencils drawing techniques – wildlife art

Hi everyone РI have just released some pastel drawing videos Рif you have struggled with pastels in the past then these videos are for you Рyears ago I gave up on pastels because they just would not work for me (I did 1 test drawing and gave up#!)  Now with my new knowledge they work great!

Short Pastel Pencils techniques – youtube video HERE


**********  Pastel Pencil wildlife art Р2 hr plus full video on my patreon channel! *******