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Wildlife Art – It Begins! Latest Painting Wildebeest Crossing.

It’s taken me a while to gather and prepare all the reference material for this painting. But I am finally just about ready to cut the canvas to size and start laying out the drawing ready for the paint. To be honest I think the painting part is actually going to be the easiest part of the whole thing.

With so many animals – zebra, wildebeest and of course Crocs it’s going to be a complicated one to compose, plus it’s going to have to be real big to fit them all in! ha…..

I hope to have some updates and photos real soon so please keep dropping by.


Framed Prints at The Heron Gallery UK

I delivered three of my framed prints to The Heron Gallery (UK) yesterday ready for their Wildlife Worldwide exhibition starting, Thursday 27th March. As mentioned previously my main print is the huge Siberian Tiger “Khan”, the other two are mountain gorilla prints.

siberian tiger print

I also had a sneak preview of some of the wildlife art that will be in the exhibit and I must admit that it appeared that anyone who’s anyone in UK wildlife art has a painting or print there!

The exhibition will be awesome and is certainly worth a visit, particularly as you can pick a print or painting up fully framed and ready to hang!

Here’s the full details –

The Heron Gallery
98 Drove Rd
BS23 3NW

Tel: +44(0)1934614123

Youtube – Wildlife Art – Watch my paintings step by step in this Video + download



FEB 2014

Full details on my tutorial website

wildlife art video

Come and visit me on Youtube to see some of my wildlife art paintings develop step by step. Hope you like them.

youtube art

 I currently have two tiger paintings, an elephant painting and my tutorial CD / E-book on Youtube.


UK Gallery Show – 27th March – 6th April 2008

I’m pleased to announce that my latest huge Siberian tiger print will be displayed at the Heron Gallery, Weston-super-mare, UK – fully framed and ready to purchase.

Huge siberian Tiger Print

As most of my collectors know, I almost always supply paintings and prints unframed due to shipping costs and safety, so this is a RARE opportunity to buy one of my largest prints ready to hang on your wall.

The exhibition is in aid of Wildlife Worldwide with a percentage of profits benefiting the David Shepherd Foundation.

The exhibition runs from March 27th through to 6th April 2008.

The Heron Gallery
98 Drove Rd
BS23 3NW

Tel: +44(0)1934614123

What’s up Next?

Wildlife Art

Well I have many ideas for new paintings planned for the not too distant future, but next up on the easel is going to be a VERY challenging painting. I haven’t got a working title for it yet but it will be of the great migration, specifically the river crossing.

There’s going to be lots of wildebeest and zebra, plus giant croc’s of course :-o) just to add some more excitement.

Now the crossing has been painted a few times by other artists (although not that many, try doing a search) but what I’m planning for mine is going to be a little different. I’m going to concentrate on a real close view as the animals jump and thrash through the river in absolute fear of the croc’s.

The painting is going to have to be large to show the number of animals I think the scene needs and it’s also going to be very panoramic. So all in all it should be a real eye catcher if I can pull it off :-o)

I’ve already started mapping out the basic placement of a few of the animals, so watch this space for some images of the developing painting very soon.

Also don’t forget to visit my online gallery for up to the minute news on latest prints – Gallery

And if your interested in learning to paint wildlife and animals then my other site has lots of free demos plus a wildlife painting CD course Learn to Paint Wildlife

African Elephants – Latest Fine Art Print Released!

I’m pleased to inform you that “That’s Close Enough” my latest elephant painting is now available as a very limited edition print, in both Fine Art Paper and also Canvas.

Please visit my site for complete details

elephant painting